Patch 4.0, Tuesday and Wednesday Raid

Patch 4.0 is being rolled out today, which probably was no surprise to you. It is a 4.76 GB download with an additional 1.4 GB patch after that, so hopefully you already downloaded it beforehand.

Charlye also wanted to remind you that you may need to go through the process of updating many of your addons, spec and reglyph, and possibly reforge some of your items. Given these issues and just the fact that servers are usually crap right after the patch, we are going to postpone raid invites for 2 hours. So invites for today will be at 9:00 server time. Please do not be late. The raid will still end on time. Therefore, it is our intention on utilizing Wed to raid also this week.

Also, due to the changes on how Blizzard is now doing raid lockouts… DO NOT raid ICC or RS in 10 man on your mains. This will affect your raid lockout in 25 man.